The story of Dime`s biography is anything but stereotypical. His path has been far from conventional, without the guidelines secured by a typical music curriculum or readily recognisable stages at the outset of his musical progress. He’s followed a path free of any mystification about professional discipline, free of the usual tales or anecdotes. Dime`s path has, indeed, been a long, unconventional and often difficult advance, one offset by his unfaltering faith in himself and his music, always fuelled by his insatiable passion for singing. This is a story of an artist, who, in spite of discovering his talent and urge to perform relatively late in life, he passionately embraced that talent, rapidly developed it, and remained ever faithful to it.

Before devoting himself entirely to music, Dime was engaged in a wide range of activities, from the exciting and challenging to the mundane and conventional: sometimes driven to stage as a youth, delving into the world of drama as an actor (with several minor roles as a professional actor in major Belgrade theatres), also working as a salesman and bar tender, everything culminating in a somewhat successful career in insurance. Dime`s years of professional wandering were not, however, without consequence: combined with a natural musical talent, great strength as a performer as well as a technique developed through advanced voice training, this period gave flavour to Dime`s performance – a rich life experience and appreciation of human nature colouring Dime`s voice with profound sensitivity and complex emotion.